FosterZ Performance

Home of the worlds fastest LSx powered 240z


Engine Assembly:                               Texas Speed & Performance

Engine Block:                                                                 LS-X Iron Block

Crankshaft:                                                          Callies Dragonslayer

Rods:                                                                        Callies Ultra H Beam

Pistons:                                                                    9.4:1 Wiseco (Coated)

Cylinder Heads:                                        PRC LS7 265 w/Tit. Valves

Intake:                                                                           Ported Stock LS-7

Balancer:                                                               ATI SFI Superdamper

Headers and Exhaust:                     Custom Spoolin’ Performance

*Engine used for record pass is being upgraded with listed engine.


Fuel/Induction System

Turbo:                                           Borg Warner s480 Chassis Forced

                                                         Inductions 84mm Billet V2 Wheel

Wastegates:                                                             2x Tial 44mm MV-R

Blow Off Valve:                                                      Tial Q Series 50mm

Intercooler:                                                         Custom Garrett made

                                                                            by Spoolin’ Performance

Injectors:                                                                                  Holley 160lb

Regulator:                                                        Holley Dominator Billet

Fuel Pump:                                                      Holley Dominator Billet



EFI Management:                                               Holley Dominator EFI

Ignition:                                                     GM Stock Coils w/MSD 8733

Battery:                                                                                Optima Gel Cell

Boost Controller:                                                Holley Dominator EFI



Front Shocks:                                                 Tokiko 5 Way Adjustable

Front Springs:                   Ground Control w/Eibach 200lb Spring

Rear Shocks:                                           VariShock Double Adjustable

Rear Springs:                                                                   VariShock Spring

Front Brake:                                                        Arizona Z CarWilwood

Rear Brakes:                                                                                         Strange

Rear Diff:                                                                          Shortened Ford 9”

Axles:                                                                                   Strange 35 Spline

Spool:                                                                                                       Strange

Gear:                                                                                             US Gear 3.25:1

Rear Suspension:                                                   custom Alston 4 Link,

                                                                        by Scott’s Speed and Custom


Wheels & Tires

Front Wheel:                                                               15x3.5 Weld ProStar

Front Tire:                                                                    Moroso DS-2 26x4.5

Rear Wheel:                                                                  15x10 Weld ProStar

Rear Tire:                                                                M/T ET Drag 28x10.5w

                                                                          Hoosier QTP For street use