FosterZ Performance

Home of the worlds fastest LSx powered 240z


This 240z was bought by me back in 2000 as a fairly stock 240z. It was quickly upgraded with a draw through turbo, which was lovingly referred to as the "Bong turbo" due to its unique sound. I shortly moved on to wanting faster, so the 6 cylinder powertrain was abandoned for a more potent Gen 1 Small block chevy.

For years the SBC powered Datsun terrorized bay area locals, picking on the fastest of the import crowd and much of the domestic crowd as well. 

The car was torn apart in 2009 and the drivetrain was sold. I got sidetracked doing other projects like a blown 5.0, and then a procharged 01 Z06 that ran mid 10s as a very potent street car. Finally in late 2010, I renewed my interest in rebuilding this 240z into a monster.

Starting with a completely new back half of the car and incredibly well built cage by Scott's Speed and Custom, I transplanted the LS powerplant from my corvette, and did everything possible to make sure the car would remain completely streetable. Everything I did was with streetability in mind. 

First time at the track with the LS transplant, the car ran a 9.90 with all sorts of problems. But it still drove the 100 mile commute to and from the track without any major issues. 

Fast forward to 2014, the Procharger was ditched for a Borg Warner turbo setup, and this 240z was catapulted into the 8 second range with a very modest amount of boost. At a current best of 8.27 @ 165mph, the car is now one of, if not THE Fastest LS powered Datsun 240z in the world. All this and the car is still driven thousands of miles a year, for things ranging from groceries to cross state trips to visit friends.